In 2019, Tyson Beckford introduces a new line of designer sunglasses. Rising to atmospheric fame as the face and front man of Polo Ralph Lauren, Tyson has remained a fixture in the fashion world for over three decades. With one of the most famous faces on earth, Tyson has donned thousands of sunglasses over the years. Tyson has now decided to put his expertise to work by partnering with Italian artisans to create the perfect sunglasses.


Designed and manufactured in Italy, Tyson Beckford frames are made with a unique injection method, where nylon is blended with a special thermoplastic called Grilamid, which is then heated and injected into molds. This patented process creates strong sunglasses that withstand heat yet maintain flexibility.


Tyson Beckford sunglasses are furnished with 100% glass lenses. With superior optical quality, glass lenses are clearer and provide more comfort to the eyes. Our lenses are shatter resistant and provide the strongest ultraviolet and infrared protection.


All Tyson Beckford sunglasses are made with stainless steel hinges and finished with a signature ‘TB’ breath logo that verifies the authenticity of your Tyson Beckford glasses.